Jumbo Programs

Loans over conforming loan limits based on your county are generally considered Jumbo Mortgage Loans.  Most often the standard county limit is 417k, but certain counties will allow higher loan amounts under conventional mortgages.  There are several different options available and we can help determine the best option depending on the scenario.

Different Options Include

  • A Jumbo (One loan for the entire balance)
  • Alt A mortgage under one loan (May allow lower credit standards and alternative types of income documentation)
  • A Conventional Mortgage with a Piggy Back 2nd (May allow better rates on Primary mortgage, 1 year tax returns and higher ltv while avoiding mortgage insurance )
  • Veteran Mortgage (VA eligible applicants could use their VA eligility for loan amounts over conforming limits)

The different options may make determining the best program more complex, but we would be happy to determine the best option for your individual needs.


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